27-inch and 21.5-inch iMacs (Late 2009)



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My new 27" iMac is a great machine but, ....... there are problems with built-in Airport (configuring it)It will not allow me create a Computer to Computer Network (like previous 24" iMac did) Maybe its just a bug in 10.6.2 (27" iMac version - specific) I dunno ?? wish apple would fix it with an update.... need to connect my iPhone to WiFi from time to time - and inability top create a Network for that - is a P.I.T.A 



In your print magazine you mention that there is more review results on "late_09_imacs" page. A search for it finds nothing. Your print review is superficial as one would expect from a hurried piece to make a publishing deadline. But the web site does not have a deadline as such. So, where is the in-depth review?



This is great as I can now attach my old G5 to one of these iMacs and enjoy a fast new Mac and a better display for my old one. I just wish the bluetooth keyboard could have a numeric keypad. I love the design otherwise.

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