2.8GHz Quad-Core Mac Pro Review



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When the G4 and G5 tower machines debuted, they were the highest performance of-the-shelf desktop machines available - period. But now they are just keeping pace with similar workstation class offerings from Levono, Sony, HP, Acer, and even *gasp*.. Dell. And many expected and desirable technologies have yet to appear on the platform. eSATA. USB3, Firewire 1600... not even Blu-ray. Mind you, some of us still need to deliver Hi-def content on optical media...

Mind you at the price point, this is still a headless machine, add $800 for the 27" Apple Display. So you're in for $3200 unless you opt for a third party (non-glossy) display, or already have a compatible 24" or 30"

It's almost as though Apple still keeps the Mac Pro going just to say they have one. While still a stout and muscular machine, at the price point we were still wanting more... kick-a**...



Cool great!!!...is that a new to market? I like it powerful.
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Apple still makes Macs? Wow, who knew.

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