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...even the Nike+ with HRM wont touch the Mi-Sport for functionality.



I have had some inside info that there is a product coming out at the end of 2010/start of 2011 which will not just be better than the Micoach or the Nike+, it will be a lot better. Has all the usual stuff plus loads of completely new functionality.
It`s not on their site at the moment but I am waiting for this badboy.



Just read the article and it states the Adidas MiCoach has one big advantage over Nike+ in that it has a heart monitor, I just wanted to mention that Nike added a Polar Heart Rate strap that communicates with either the iPod Nano or the Nike wrist thing; and it stores the heart rate data along with your run info and syncs them up to the Nike+ site where you get a graph of heart during the course of your run. In addition it has interactive tools that allow you to calculate what percentage of run your heart rate was within a certain range, like for how long was my heart rate between 125 and 145, and it'll tell you like like 25 of the 45 minutes or whatever.. anyway, it's real cool i like it, it just came out in June, the strap is sold by itself and cost $69.95; i ordered mine from the Nike web site and there was $7 in shipping.. ciao..

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