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After 22 years, Photoshop has enough feature additions that it's invaluable to many professionals needing powerful tools to edit photographs. But Adobe isn't alone in the photo editing market anymore. While previous attempts to steal away photo professionals largely failed (anyone remember Live Picture?), low-priced hobbyist apps and prosumer editors have now become incredibly attractive. If you read my Pixelmator 1.6 review, you know this $30 program adequately answers many people's photo editing needs. So Adobe had a dilemma with CS6: how do you lower the barrier to entry and keep users upgrading? You make it cheaper to buy in, and you throw in some cloud storage.



Academic pricing at $29.99 per months is available for K-12, university and homeschool students, k-12 educators and staff, and undergraduate and graduate school faculty and staff. Less well known, is that parents who home school their children also qualify for academic pricing. I suspect that homeschooling parents can similarly get academic pricing on other companies' products such as Microsoft Office and platforms.

Another under the radar bit of information that could save some money is that those Adobe users with CS3 or later Adobe individual or Creative Suite products can get a year of Creative Cloud also for $29.99 per month. This deal is only available directly from Available and, according to the latest information on the website is only available for purchase until August 31, 2012. What is not clear to me is whether the price goes up to $49.99 per month after one year - I think it does - so if there is a choice, it is probably best to go with academic pricing.

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