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The Extended price isn't just for the Ray Tracer rendering engine; it's for the capability to do some basic 3D work within Photoshop natively. I and several others have shown that you can do more than simple text and logo extrusions. Further, you can export these objects to other packages for more detailed rendering, like atmospherics, photon tracing, etc.

The included quality is fine for most graphic design work, but is not ultimately controlled by the user - you can't adjust bounce, and the refraction settings are not quite what one could hope for. But to say the price isn't justified by the render quality is just wrong.

What 3D in PS is all about is getting the neophyte 3D digital artist a foothold in PS itself. Many artists have avoided 3D because of the need to use different packages and learn new skills. This allows them to work with other people's art as well as create their own. And for texture work on 2D panels, you just can't get better than Photoshop.

*fun note - the 'captcha' phrase for this post was 'wilma would'. And I bet it's right.

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