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I just installed Air Display in hopes that I could use my iPad next to my netbook for a secondary display. I currently use a USB external monitor to do the same thing.

Pro's: Installation is simple, but that's about all.

Con's: It's flaky, slow, and sometimes unresponsive. I used it both on the wi-fi network as well as created an ad-hoc connection with problems on both. I can get it to successfully extend my primary desktop but the latency over the wi-fi is totally unacceptable for any real application. This appears more in the "alpha" phase of development and should not have been available for distribution yet.

On a final note, for the record, I work systems integration for my job with networking as my primary discipline, so it's not that I'm not familiar with setting these types of applications and setups. The package here is flashy, but the contents lack at this point. Maybe with more product development time it will have potential.



I use DisplayPad on my iPad. It isn't a universal app, but other than that it has very similar features. Plus it's only $2.99!

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