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Try Clip2Mobile, if you want to send small snippets of info to your iPhone. you can create notes, add contacts, bookmark, launch maps..all from your Desktop. that's so cool. more info



I grabbed this while it was free, thank goodness. LOVE it.

I used to keep lots of little text notes on my old Palm-based Treo, and not having any way to get notes ONTO my phone (for offline viewing in remote locations) was killing me. I want to see it instantly, not stick it online and have to wait for it to sync in (which I had to do with Evernote, which worked in a pinch but only if you have signal).

PDFs, text files, and Excel spreadsheets I need to reference periodically are now fully available at all times. Read-only, but that's fine for most of the content I need, and for anything else, there's still Evernote.


Eric Redlinger

there are a lot of excellent, cheaper alternatives for Mac users, including DropCopy (, and File Magnet (, to name a few...


Michael Simon

Cool! Good to know, thanks.

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