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Promised I would come back.
I have been serviced with a perfect new fit to our Toshiba 64 bit Satellite computer.
Airparrot works like a charm on it.
No problems with the sound either.
Thank you Airparrot. D



Macbook Santa Rosa 2007 Intel Core Duo 2.2 GHz with Airparrot runs to a straight divorce. Although the idea of Airparrot is good, this machine ran hot as fire when using the application.
The video stream worked, but in no time the machine ran up to over 90 degrees Celsius. Cleaning the cooling circuit and running the fans on a Higher Revs helped, but not enough. I didn't use the sound, because that really lags the video.
The 20 minutes trial was not enough for me to run it, due to some adjustments I had to make. Sent them a email to ask if my $10.00 license may be transferred to a different computer. I'll keep you posted with the result. D



Damn! Wish I read this before I paid for it!
Unhappy purchase, extremely laggy, almost fails once fullscreen has been selected, audio fine, but the picture can be out of sync by 2 minutes. Makes my Macbook Pro VEEEERY SLOOOOOW when running.
10usd wasted..............



Lucky you used such a fast processor. Don't buy this if you only have a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo its just not enough processing power to use this app. I've spoken with the developer on twitter and he said it needs more juice to run it, and a more modern one. Basically saying my chip was ancient. It is a serious beast at eating up CPU power. Just a heads up.

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