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Kerry Dawson

I initially found Alfred at the basic level fairly straightforward and I had tools I had used a long time that accomplished this and more. So I decided to venture beyond the basic. The first thing I looked for was a manual as although Alfred does look friendly and he’s got a lovely name he’s much more complex than you realize. To unleash some of Alfred’s power with the power pack is very straightforward. To unleash all his power though with workflows that go beyond the basic is challenging. You either use other workflows that have been built or ask someone if they could build one for you and it is surprising people will step forward. The reason for this is you have to know scripting languages and you have to know how Alfred works/flows. I was 100% lost on this angle. I have always hated scripting. And without a manual it was hard to understand Alfred’s flow. With perseverance, I’m able to use Alfred to the level I enjoy using Alfred’s services. I’ve actually even done a couple of workflows but these are more by chance than by design. It’s like maybe if I do this or I do that Alfred will obey. It can take time even for the talented Alfred workflow aficionado. I don’t think it’s wise to approach Alfred as if this is going to be a walk in the park. It can be and it can also be a bit of a nightmare. The results though are worth the effort but expectations in terms of simplicity and complexity have to fully understood otherwise you’ll be in for a shock when you want to do something really interesting,

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