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 Buy Kindle 2 from Amazon for $259.
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Amazon is announcing refurbished Kindles 2 for only 219$. You can also find the Kindle 2 US version for $259 or the Kindle 2 US & International version for $279.



Hello, now you can buy the newest Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, U.S. & International Wireless, Latest Generation) for only $279! or the Kindle 2 (6" Display, U.S. Wireless, Latest Generation) for $259! on our online Kindle Store.

Kindle can now be shipped to customers outside the U.S.!



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Nice review, but there are two GLARING problems with the Kindle:

1) No backlight.

This makes it unusable in the middle of the night without turning on a light to see the screen. That's not good for bedmates! (It also ruins dark adaptation if one wishes to view the stars.)

2) Flashing on page turning.

I've seen the videos of it in action (never in the flesh), but this would give me a headache quickly. It's really a dismaying aspect of the Kindle.

I much prefer an iPod Touch for ebook reading in the middle of the night. During the day, I much prefer real books!

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