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I read a lot of complaints about the PRS cable. I wonder how the iRig solves the performance problems.
How and why is iRig "noticeably cleaner and quieter" than PRS GuitarBud?

Also, I read about PocketAmp, coming soon to the Apple App Store;



It's noticeably cleaner and quieter because...well, it is. I got more of the pure guitar sound through the iRig than I did the GuitarBud, which didn't have a hum, but just didn't make the guitar sound as isolated in headphones. Not really sure how else to phrase it, to be honest -- the iRig sounded better in a head-to-head test.

I am finding that the GuitarBud is fine when using the iStrobo app, for tuning, but for playing, I preferred iRig. And iRig works with both apps, so if you haven't already jumped at the PRS cable, don't.



I have the PRS cable and really was not happy with the PRS app or any app that has worked with the PRS cable. iRig does work with the PRS cable as well and I've been pleasantly surprised with the sound. I do get some noise and cracks but only when using multiple effects. I believe it's because I have the older iPhone 3G with the slower processor.

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