App Showdown: Bill Reminders



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I have only one bill that's not on my list. It's from a catalog shopping company and low use, so not a biggie.

All bank accounts, two credit card accounts, car & home insurance, and Verizon all set up in a matter of minutes. Free speaks a bit louder than $4.00 to $5.00, though I don't find those reviewed here to be out of range for consideration.

These others I'll file away for future use.

Great article, btw. Thanks for the article. Well done.




I have been using Pageonce for several months now and so far, I love it. They have undergone a few interface redesigns and it looks really good in all three, online, the iPhone, and the iPad.


J Keirn-Swanson

I looked at Pageonce during the testing phase of writing this review, and while it's very, very good (and free!), it only lets you pull bills from ones they have in their system. You can't customize it as much as these can where you can enter any bill whatsoever. For instance, my car insurance is with ERIE and they're not in Pageonce's system (yet), nor are my gas or electric companies, which is a sizable omission for my purposes.

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