App Showdown: E-Readers



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Amazon announced April 20, 2011, that sometime this year they were partnering with Overdrive to allow library lending. Unless they handle it differently, this will mean that ePub will be allowed because that is what Overdrive uses now and I download library books to my ipad2. You will be allowed to highlight in the book, and if you purchase the book in the future from Amazon, your highlighting will be retained.

I love all my devices, but for reading, Kindle is the best - especially outdoors! For kid's illustrated books or cookbooks, I download to the iPad which takes full advantage of all the color!



Your article fails to mention that there is also a Nook app that is available for Windows PCs and that the Kindle app is also available for OSX and Windows PCs. This is the main reason (among others) that I buy so few books from iBooks and have mostly bought books for the Kindle and previously Nook apps. It's extremely useful for me to have the Kindle app installed on my Macs and my Windows PCs because it allows me to pull up books as reference both at home and at work as well as view them on my iOS devices.

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