App Showdown: Google Readers



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Your review is good, and you pointing out that Reeder is the best is true - almsot.

You should have review Mr. Reader, which beats Reeder in the ipad (no iPhone client - yet).

The reason: its ability to open a RSS entry into Web, Mobilizer or Readability without having to clic once more as with Reeder.



How could you overlook Mr. Reader? I'm a long-time Reeder fan, but the updates are few and far between. I switched to Mr. Reader a few days ago and haven't looked back once!


J Keirn-Swanson



I'm a big fan of Mr. Reader as well, however, I decided that it wouldn't be fair to pit an iPad only Google Reader up against ones that worked on both platforms. Mr. Reader has much of what I liked about Reeder with more features.

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