App Showdown: Handwriting Apps



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Anthony Madden

I have tried Notes Plus and Penultimate, but my favourite is not included in your list. ZoomNotes has an unlimited zoom which is really easy to use. This means I can even use it on my iPhone which is really useful when I'm out and about. You can also write on PDF files and photos and post them to Facebook - fantastic!



I also very much like Notes Plus. It seems to have the best of all worlds described above. The responsiveness (even on an IPAD1) and the flexibility and features of PhatPad.



i prefer Pages as i can read what others ( & mainly me) write.



I use both Penultimate and Note Taker HD, and prefer Note Taker HD for serious note taking. I love the magnifier, but I've found that using that space on your iPad constantly leaves a permanent smudge. I've gone through 2 styluses already. Just got a Bamboo, hope this one lasts a little longer.
While I prefer Note Taker, this version is much more complicated than the previous version, and I actually think the other version was better. It does try to do too much.


Anthony Madden

In my opinion, Zoomnotes is better than Note Taker HD because you can zoom in and out anywhere. It has a really intuitive and easy to use interface too.



I haven't had the pleasure of testing any of these apps, but Notes Plus is a fantastic notes taking app with a fantastic major update due this fall.

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