App Showdown: Password Keepers



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Irwin Judson

Have tried Data Vault, could not make it function. Screws up everything and the "Users Manual" is useless. Made going to websites intolerable. Filled my dock with DV icons doing nothing but creating mayhem. I am so disappointed.

So now I am back to my very simple password, and vulnerable.

I need a new functional but easy to use password manager. 1Password talks a good line. Is it as good as password says it is?

Does it have a "Users Manual" in plain language?



This is a joke without including 1Password. Backup, Synchronization and IOS integration alone dictate inclusion of this World Class App. Not to mention the guys at Agile give top notch customer service! Add in the switch to Mac friendly Roboform import features and there my be no contest.



Ignoring the elephant in the room here? How do these apps do at syncing with your Mac or PC passwords?



Leaving out 1Password? Splashwallet too? That's a bit of a shocker. Why not review this as well? How about a side by side comparison chart of features and some security ratings?

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