App Showdown: Radio Streaming



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Not sure why Mac-Life picked a reviewer who doesn't listen to radio, (kind of like choosing a blind person to review Apple TV). But if they had picked a radio fan, he/she would not have glossed over a part of the radio audience that listens to radio often - the public radio audience: 32 million listeners strong according to Arbitron weekly listening data. They listen to programs as diverse as Car Talk to This American Life to blue grass music. There are literally thousands of really creatively programmed stations and most of them can be found on one app this reviewer also decided to overlook, the PRX app. Get the PRX app for your iPhone or iPod Touch and you have an endless possibility of non-commercial radio choices including on demand and live programming.


J Keirn-Swanson

Listen to many public radio stations around the country using these apps (as well as all the other choices), but obviously there isn't enough room to cover every aspect of every app. The highlights and comparisons are made that seem most relevant. Police band scanner channels are also available, though this too was left off the article in the interests of brevity.

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