App Showdown: Text-To-Speech Apps



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Eden Shaw

Want to try SpeakText mini
Promo codes are available. Thanks.


Winston Chen

The best Text-to-speech app is a new entrant in this field: Voice Dream Reader. Very polished and rich in features. It reads just about anything: PDF, ePub, Word, web pages, Instapaper and Pocket reading list, etc. The voices are great and you have over 50 to choose from.

It's more expensive than the rest but it's the kind of productivity tool you'd use everyday, rather than a novelty app.



Have you tried Speech Magnet? I've tried many TTS apps and Speech Magnet is the fastest app when you want to speak copied text.



Hello readers!
I found an alternative app that can read text from Word and PDF files by using a dropbox account. It seems the voice quality is really good.
The app is called Speakomat and you can find it by googling "Speakomat".



I guess these are great apps; however, what I would like to see is the capability of the iOS to speak text from within apps like you can in OS X. Just highlight the text and have "Speak Text" an option. Wouldn't that be cool.



I have a FileMaker Pro solution that uses Apple's TTS. For the Windows version, I had to hunt down a third party plug in to make that work, one that has long ago stopped development (ironically enough, called SpeakIT!.) If I could make my FileMaker Go version speak, life would be sweet!

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