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I am about to get a new iPad when they come out, but I want to get a wifi version and be able to download files on the go. Is Zumocast the only one that lets you download movies/music rather than just stream? It seems I'll have to settle in a hotspot to access my media at all. Any tips? Is Zumocast coming back to the US any time soon?



I'm based in the US (Deadwood, SD) and Zumocast works just fine for me.


J Keirn-Swanson

At this point, Zumocast is no longer listed as avaiable in the App Store, although there is a ZumoDrive which seems more like Dropbox than a streaming app. If you have it, you likely downloaded it before it got pulled.




J Keirn-Swanson

Based in the US as we are, Zumocast, despite all the good things we hear about it, is currently unavailable to us.



I think Zumocast should be on this list as well. I have both AirVideo (which is awesome) and SteamtoMe (it's ok), but Zumocast also gives the ability of audio streaming as well as downloading a song to your iDevice. And it's free!

AirVideo has saved me time and space on my iPad/iPhone too. As long as my PC is on, I have access to my movies. Especially handy when my son is restless at a restaurant and I can access Elmo movies in a few seconds.

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