Apple 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo Mac Mini Review



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This review fails to mention the lack of a certain optical technology, which on any other day, is hardly news. However, on this particular day, Apple opted to include an HDMI port, seemingly reinforcing the point that this *might* be a perfect multimedia center, if only...



I would buy one today if I could figure out how to hook it up to my old stork-neck iMac, using the iMac's keyboard and screen with the Mini's processor, optical drive, hard drive, graphics card, etc.

The iMac is still so beautiful I don't want to get rid of it, but performance-wise it now leaves a lot to be desired. With the Mini the performance is all there, but it needs a keyboard and display. Seems like a perfect match to me.



Apples never stops amazing me... Such a punch in such a little package that runs circles around the competition PC world... And does so much more for your buck.. Picking one of these little gems up to sit next to my TV box so I can now watch my netflix and surf the web in between commercials... Apple I love you more and more.. I am so glad I switched 4 years ago from the other side... I am so much more happier now.


Emmett The Crab

The HDMI out is great, but I'm rinning mine ln a 42" Plasma TV at 1080i and the fonts are way too small from the couch. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to adjust all font sizes up, either. I want it in 1080i, but I want the icpns and fonts to be bigm because we're sitting about 7 feet away.



You certainly are running SNO LEOPARD. You are also probably using a mouse with a scroll wheel. If you go to the Universal Access Preferences

1. Use the Seeing tab

2. Click on the options button to the right of ZOOM

3. Check the "use scroll wheel for zooming". You will probably, want to specify the Alt-Shift control keys.

4. Quit the preferences.

Thereafter, when you are on a page with text too small to read, you press the control keys and turn the scroll keys till the text and images are the size you want. That should help with your image on screen.

Release the control keys and then you can move about the page.




It sure is a sweet little unit. If purchased from the Apple Recon store, it is a tremendous bargain. All you need is a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor– good cheapo system. But overall it's still not as convenient as my MacBook Pro, and the net cost difference is less than $100 if they're both configured properly.



I love how this looks but let's get this into the hands of a World of Warcraft player (Susie??) and tell us how high we can adjust the settings before the scene starts getting choppy. (Dalaran is the benchmark here)
I would consider giving up my 20" imac for this!



Strangely, my home theater receiver treats the audio from the Mac Mini's HDMI output differently than the optical audio output; with the optical audio the receiver provides more options for processing the surround sound and mapping a stereo or 5.1 signal to my 7.1 speakers, but with the HDMI there are just a few options and audio tends to come from just the front speakers more often.

So my impression is that there's something inferior about the HDMI audio. I hope it's just a result of this being Apple's first use of HDMI, and that it can be fixed with firmware or software updates.

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