Apple 24-inch iMac



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$300 more and you can get a Mac Pro that has 3 extra hard drive bays, over 2-4X the processing power depending on how you look at virtualization and the choice of any matte or glossy screen you want. Past the $2K price point the iMac starts to look bad. I will take a Mac Pro over an iMac any day.


media sorcerer

media sorcerer-perhaps you can find a stick on matte screen protector,i know they make them for macbooks with glossy screens,you apply them yourself,similar to iphone screen protector,worth a look!!!!maybe request one from a company that makes the ones for macbooks etc.



BTW, I'd buy one in a minute if they'd sell a matte version. I've written them many times about it. My old 1st gen Intel iMac is really beginning to bog down with all the resources Leopard needs for the fancy features, and I'm maxed out on RAM. I don't need a Mac Pro, but may be forced into it because of this gap in their product line.  My wife and daughters each have one, and it's a great computer. Unfortunately, the layout of my studio doesn't work with a glossy display.



Funny how Apple doesn't have a matte display option, yet your photo looks just like a matte display. Even with a soft box, a photo of an iMac would show it like a mirror.



...since my 2007 24" and external drive was stolen two weeks ago.

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