Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G



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I usually use the Boilsoft 3GP/iPod/PSP/MP4 Converter .It has more settings you can customize, Just a couple of mouse clicks, you can convert any video format to 3GP/MP4 or transfer to iPod or PSP.
And if possible ,his homepage can give you many soft about the mac ,for example ,Onde Screen Capture ,maybe helpful!!



Apple ipad is so hot now , more and more people like to enjoy videos on ipad . As a mac user, I always use ipad converter mac to convert video to ipad .Then enjoy it with my ipad , it is easy to use.



iPad hacker claims that new software based hack will jailbreak the iPad.



Wondershare Mac iPad Video Converter will be totally FREE from today. Limited Time Only! From today to May, 31st, 2010!



what will happen when atat releases their 4G network in 2011 they will have to make the ipad 4G



If you want alternatives to AT&T, then why not ask T-Mobile or Sprint to make their networks compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and every other GSM phone out there instead of asking Apple to create an iPhone or iPad that can be used only by a small subset of the global market?



You got 13.5 hours of battery just playing video. Was the 3 G radio on the whole time during that test?



My signup was easy and uneventful. I've had good signal strength everywhere, and reliable connections.

As to the added cost of the 3G, the rising cost of WiFi at the big hotels is the main reason why I waited for the enhanced model. The cost for WiFi at many large conference center hotels is now generally between about $20-30 per day per computer. There is often a separate comparable daily cost for WiFi in the meeting rooms, which are spread across three or four different venues. Thus, one day of WiFi at a big meeting can cost $100 or more if it is desired everywhere. The price for WiFi at the last conference I attended was $29.95 per day per computer, and the main hotel seemed to have three different WiFi zones!* Considering our next meeting is four days long, the added cost of 3G and a one-month contract now looks pretty reasonable comparatively. It will sure beat having to search out coffee shops and such places to get internet.

*The difference between these hotels and the ones that cater to vacationers, is that people going to conferences must to go where the conference is, and can't easily shop for places with free internet and other amenities.



I would like to know if you can tether a Pad to a Droid phone with or without a wire?



My ipad connected easily. My son's not so much. The genius at the Apple store took out his micro sim and reseated it. Said the sometime come loose in shipment. Sounded silly, but it worked. cheers. Boy 3g is fast.

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