Apple Magic Trackpad Review



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I found that by using your thumb to hold down the trackpad you can easily move your dragging finger across, pick it up while still holding down with the thumb, and reposition to continue dragging. Seems intuitive to me.



I had this problem at first, too, but after a while I became more accustomed to the acceleration and (mostly intuitively) learned how to get stuff all the way across the screen with a short movement. In System Preferences under Trackpad you might try increasing the Tracking speed just a bit if it still doesn't work well.

As for customizing gestures, the free Better Touch Tool is excellent (though it has a slightly steep learning curve). I've heard good things about the inexpensive Jitouch as well, though I've no first-hand experience.



I retired the mouse permanently (and I was using a Magic Mouse) soon after installing the Magic Trackpad. No more lifting and repositioning, no more hitting my speakers, just a perfect transition from my Air's trackpad.

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