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Rich I was a .Mac user who was upgraded to MobileMe. Although I do agree, MobileMe is much better than it used to be. I don't understand why everyone is ignoring a fundamental feature that .Mac had that MobileMe took away. Shared calenders are something exchange has had as a feature since the beginning. .Mac also had shared calendars on your iPhone. The day MobileMe came out, you stopped being able to access shared calendars on your iPhone. You can't even get your birthdays to show up on your iPhone calendar. It is ridiculous to take this feature away and then call it exchange for the rest of us. Apple, please, fix this now!!!!



As a brand new MobileMe user ive' found that on the MobileMe support page you can chat with a MobileMe tech. I've done it twice with good results. You can also get a transcript emailed to you.



1. Cost for the family is too high now days. Budget Cuts. MobileMe is a
2. Stopped being able to access web mail from work on IE 6.
3. Don't need all of the bells and whistles that goes with MobileMe.
4. My internet provider is offering most of the things we use without any
additional cost.
5. Lack of person to person support when there are problems.

PS. Bento 2 is not a upgrade but a bug fix. Don't buy it.


Leonard Miller

Back to My Mac is the reason I paid for Mobile Me and after hours of phone calls,etc. I have decided to not renew my subscription.
I have a Seimens wireless modem/router and I am connecting an Apple Time capsule to it by ethernet. Either I get a NAT problem or a 2 NAT problem but no one I have spoken to can help me connect. Therefore I am not renewing.
Any suggestions?


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