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I'm surprised by one thing about iTunes. It is considered as one of the best application ever. I totally disagree and this is why. Having an account and living in the US (up to now everything sounds great:)), I have to give up on my own culture. I live in the US, but originally I'm from Europe. Sometimes, I'm trying to find a song or an album on the US iTunes store, but it's not available. However, when I do select on the flag of the country I'm originally from and looking for the same song or album, it is available. That being said, trying to buy it, it does send me back to the US iTunes store, and therefore unable to buy anything. How in the world this can happen? The conclusion of all this, is that I need to have a credit card and a billing address corresponding to the iTunes store I want to buy from. Crazy!!! In my eyes, that means that every human being who decides to relocate anywhere in the world can, as long as he keeps a bank account, credit card and billing address from his own country as long as he wants to buy and listen to the music he's been listening to for years before moving abroad. If anybody can figure this out, or tell Mr JOBS and his team about this crazy thing, it would be pretty awesome, because to be honest, I would have rather see Apple fixing this issue prior having The Beatles available:)

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