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Two people Matt and Kate wake up in a closed down prison. They have no idea how they got there, or why they are there. In the prison they encounter several terrors as they look for an exit. These terrors include a wolf beast that terrorizes Kate, a hideous monster that hunts them both, a “zombie” surgeon who operates on people whilst you’re still alive, the executioner who gives Kate a ride in his electric chair and finally executes her with the guillotine. But Kate just wakes up again in the prison and the nightmare continues. Also in the prison Matt and Kate encounter a strange number that pops up a regular basis, first the number is being printed over and over again on a printer gone crazy, next the number appears painted on a wall in blood. Kate finds a room containing a vacuum tube machine for sending messages between rooms, when she pushes the operation button it comes alive and a cylinder appears. Inside the cylinder are the pictures of five people, Kate has no idea who these five people are. Later in the movie Matt and Kate explore the basement in the search for an exit and discover five pairs of shoes all neatly arranged on a shelf. As Matt and Kate endure these horrors, the beautiful fashion model Raquel Lake is being interrogated by the police about a series of homicides. Raquel is arrogant and diabolical, she also has a very high IQ and proves more than a match for the professional police interrogator. Strangely many of the subjects in the police interview correlate with the events transpiring in the prison. For instance, Raquel is shown a series of pictures of five dead people, and when Raquel is informed by the detective that they are “looking for a cold blooded predator.” Raquel’s response is….”like the wolf?” What is the connection between the two people trapped in the prison and the interrogation of Raquel Lake?
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Would love to win a new iPod touch!!!  I have wanted one for a while now.

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