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Obviously the reviewer doesn't use Bento in real life situations. If she did, she would have discovered when she launched Bento 4 for iPad that Filemaker had removed the key feature that made Bento a useful database - the ability to sync with iCloud contacts, tasks, and iCal events - the reason most users found Bento a very useful app for both computer and iPad. Apparently the reviewer doesn't mind having to have two separate contact files that don't sync - one for mac and one for iPad, and two separate Task functions, one for Mac and one for iPad and two separate iCal event functions, one for mac and one for iPad. When attempting to sync any database that a user created in Bento 4 for Mac, Bento 4 for iPad will conveniently ignore all the important data on the mac version and provides the following prompt: "This filed type is not supported on the iPad".

If the reviewer had read the customer reviews on the Bento application page on iPad apps, she would have discovered just how deeply unsatisfied users of Bento 3 are with Bento 4 for iPad. It's very reminiscent of Apple's revamp of Final Cut Pro --- which had a real eye-candy appeal, but was gutted of some very useful features.

Fortunately for Bento users, Bento 4 does not delete the previous version from the iPad when Bento 4 is installed. I have deleted Bento 4 and will happily use Bento 3 until the Filemaker crew wakes up and starts using their own apps they create.

Greg Fitzgerald

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