Best Case Scenario - August 18, 2010 - iPhone 4 Cases



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Ryan Walton

agreed the snap case isn't too hot. One product I found (on iLounge) to save some wear and tear on my bumpers was a dock adapter which allows me to dock my phone with the bumper case on! It works like a charm. It was just as described on the site.



I chose the snap case for my iPhone 4 because of it's slim, almost invisible design. It probably won't offer much protection if the devise hits the floor but, other than that.... I love the way it fits the iPhone4 and you can hardly tell it's even there. That's why I like it.



I love my new snap case, and perhaps jstotsky03 got a defective one? I do not notice any gap at all between the phone and case, plus the edges ARE slightly higher than the glass so the glass should not hit directly if it fell face down.



How are these the best cases? Pretty weak research if you ask me. What about this one:



I just received my free Snap Case from Apple and absolutely hate it. There is too much of a gap between the edges of the phone and the case. The height of the case is identical to that of the phone, which means if the phone drops face down, the glass is going to hit the floor. And lastly, the case offers little protection for the top and bottom of the phone.

I'm sticking with the bumper.


Maƫl Thibault

Where is the Bi-weekly column???



If the flash ring is working, you SHOULD see no difference between when the case is on, and when it is off. The ring is to reduce glare when the flash reflects off of the sides of the hole in the case for the camera lens and flash.

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