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Why buy a piece of wood like the other guy said.
Not only is it 40 bucks, but $10.00 for shipping.
Stick it in one of those mail envelopes or one of those boxes for less.

And why do you really need to even see the Apple TV.
Put it in one of those plastic holders that attach to the back of your HDTV.
I think they even have a slot on the holder for the tiny remote.



Susie Ochs

I haven't seen a back-of-the-TV holder, that's intriguing. Don't you need a line of sight for the remote to work? That's one of the biggest advantages to using the Remote app IMO.



You forgot stupidity under requirements.
I'd rahter take a 50 dollar bill and place my remote on that.



"I just think there are far better products out there to be reviewed... I guess things must be slow"

C'mon, this probably took all of 20 minutes to review, write, and post. And no one forced you to click on the link and read it.

Go Badgers!



I know we're all entitled to an opinion, but come on... $40+ piece of wood? and it's purpose is to help you with not misplacing your AppleTV remote?

In my opinion this is totally missing the mark. What's the point of having a remote controller when I'll have to walk up to my TV pick it up, and then return it... as far as this being classy? Sorry, don't share your enthusiasm here either... I guess I'm in a different type of "classy" :)

Don't mean to bash and ramble, I just think there are far better products out there to be reviewed... I guess things must be slow :P


Susie Ochs

It's definitely not for everyone! I just opened another 10 boxes of review products yesterday, but it's not every day I get a piece of wood in the mail... 

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