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If your intention is to use this microphone perched on top of your laptop screen while doing video chat (or Skype), this microphone might not be your best choice. In fact, for iChat or Skype, the built-in mic is probably better than perching this mic on top of your laptop screen. Blue advertises that you can perch the mic on top of the laptop screen, and this is also mentioned in the review. However, this does not give good results under normal circumstances. The recording levels you get are just too low to give a decent volume. With a normal speaking voice, you need to have the mic about 6 inches (or less) away from your mouth to get decent recording levels. I contacted Blue Microphones about this, and they confirmed that the levels I'm getting are appropriate and that there is nothing wrong with my microphone. For recordings in Garageband (for example), you can amplify after the fact, but voice quality is not good. It just does not work well for video chat, unless you hold the mic close to your mouth, which is not really what Blue advertises.If someone knows how to get decent results with the microphone perched on top of the laptop screen and sitting a normal distance away (estimate 15-18 inches or so), I would gladly eat my words.That said, the mic is quite nice for recording audio, if you place the mic close to your mouth to get good recording levels. The resulting voice quality is quite good (to my ears). It is a definite upgrade compared to the built-in mic.

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