Blue Sky EXO2 Speaker System Review



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There is only one problem with this system. Who is making an interface PCI card to go into the slot of a MacPro. I am currently dealing with a 5.1 KLIPSCH issue whereby there is no interface card for the MacPro to accommodate these analog inputs. My Powermac G4 was able to deal with the 5.1 with an interface card made by M-Audio. Since then, M-Audio has not made any effort into the manufacturing of a new PCI card.
Now, every time you visit their website you get the same song: "At this time M-Audio Devices and Drivers are not qualified for use on 10.6.6. ..."
In fact, there is not even an optical driven device in existence that can interface between the Mac and the speakers...Since the MacPro is equipped with an optical audio output device.

So, Nic Vargas, if you know of a device that can interface with the MacPro that will drive these Blue Sky speakers, it would have been worth mentioning which ultimately would give value to your silly article...

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