Bluetooth Keypad WKP-1314 Review



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While this seems like a cool product that I may eventually purchase, I have a problem with the review (even though it is nicely informative). I take issue with the idea that certain functions are "sorely missed" from current Mac keyboards. One can get forward delete by pressing fn delete. Page up can be gotten by pressing fn up arrow and page down can be gotten by pressing fn down arrow. Additionally, home can be gotten by pressing fn left arrow and end can be gotten by pressing fn right arrow. As for the missing function keys (F13 - F17), I can understand the loss there.





I am a recent Apple convert - bought an iMac in March and turned right around to buy a MacBook Pro in April. To say it was love at first use is an understatement.

As a 30+ year computer user (started with punch cards - I know, OLD), the one thing I found very lacking on the iMac was no number pad on the wireless keyboard. I use that constantly and it was a complete mind shift to get used to not having one. In April, I read "Dude, Where's My Number Pad" in MacLife. I immediately went to the website and bought one.

All I can say is exactly like my post title says - just plain AWESOME! I have to say that this little add on has my my love affair with my new iMac that much stronger. AND, it works great in VMWare Fusion (for the two pieces of software that I use with no Apple support).

Yes, there are the drawbacks mentioned by Paul in this article, but the benefits (IMO) far outweigh them.

Definitely worth the purchase!

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