Bolts Talk Review

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Bolts Talk Review

Griffin's low-cost Bolts Talk won't break the bank if you need replacement earbuds. They even have a tiny mic and a button that lets you answer the phone, play/pause your music, or summon Siri. But the sound quality is underwhelming, and our test pair didn't last very long.

The mic made our calls sound fine, on par with a pair of Apple EarPods. The button worked OK too, and since it's a single button instead of Apple's rocker switch, it was easier to press. One press plays or pauses your music, two quick presses skip forward a track, and three quick presses skip back. Press and hold for Siri (or Voice Control, for the pre-Siri iPhone 3GS and 4). You don't get any volume controls on the headphones, however.

And we thought the sound was pretty OK -- until it wasn't. After normal break-in time, the Bolts Talk played back music and spoken podcasts with a little less warmth and depth than the Apple EarPods -- although thanks to the Bolts Talk's silicone earbud tips, they're far more comfortable. But after just a couple weeks, the right earbud crapped out. It still plays sound, but very weakly, tricking our brain into thinking it's gone silent. Hopefully we just got a bum pair, and yours will live long and prosper, but it's worth mentioning.

The bottom line. Buy these if you're looking for a bargain.

Griffin Technology

Any device with a headphone jack


Low-cost earbuds with a mic for calls and single button for play/pause/Siri.


No inline volume controls. So-so sound and durability.



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