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You might want to revisit the search facility. The search results are spot on, in my experience. It also has a capacity, just as you can do in Google, to permit search terms in quotation marks for a specific term such as a book title. This is useful if you start to do a title search containing common words and then have the need to narrow down the results.

The search box also has options to search just one field: title, author, ISBN and so on which is a fast way to eliminate the noise of lots of results you don't want.

If your BookPedia library has a mixture of high- and low-res images then would that not be due to you selecting those images to import to BookPedia the first place?

I found that one of the great strengths of BookPedia (and the family of 'Pedias) is that the fields are totally configurable and if your catalogue needs fields beyond the standard set you can easily add what you require. This is not a feature of most of the other catalogue software I examined.

Still, if this isn't required one of the simpler catalogues like Delicious Library might suffice.



that graphing feature does look appealing, but I dont think I would pay that price for it.

I've been a happy customer of Delicious library ever since version 1 however. I like its capability of publishing your collection directly to your mobile me account.

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