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definitely needed on weak-kneed internal speakers of MacBook pros

not really needed if external speakers used



This is an awesome app! I would highly recommend it. I've used Boom for over six months as a systemwide live GRAPHICAL equalizer and it does a wonderful job! I can equalize Pandora, Spotify, YouTube,....anything that you play on your Mac. It really helps me improve my sound quality and adjust it to how I like it. (Not to mention it makes my MacBook Pro's internal speakers sound slightly better when not listening to speakers or headphones.) I always thought that live equalization is something that Apple has always lacked. Boom is an excellent alternative that is well worth the money.

Also, if anyone is interested, I use the "Equalizer" app by Audioforge as a live graphical equalizer instead of the music app on my iPhone.



will not work with mono audio turned on on the mac. it will quit every time. so i have to turn off mono before boom can work. being deaf in one ear i use the mono and could really use the boost in volume but boom isn't compatible with it.

i've sent them emails and they promised fixes but that was well over a year ago. no fix.

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