Booq Cobra Courier M Bag Review



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Thank you for this post, Nic. I actually don't use a messenger bag for my MacBook, but do for my iPad - a Swiss Gear vertical travel bag that I picked up from Target a few years ago as a gift for my Mom, who never really used it. It was actually designed to hold books (like, real books) and gadgets for convenient traveling. As it turns out, however, it fits my iPad perfectly and the ridiculous amount of pockets make it far more functional than any dedicated iPad case I've seen made so far. (It also retails for about a third of the price.)

The only problem it presents is that the main pocket, having been designed to hold a Harry Potter-sized tome, lacks adequate padding and provides a bit more girth than is necessary for iPad's svelte chassis. Consequently, I've been looking for a padded iPad sleeve and have, so far, turned up few products that justify their price or provide the simplicity I need. When I noticed the quilted inner sleeve on the Cobra, however, I checked Booq's website and, as it happens, they make two such sleeves for the iPad. At $29, they are fairly reasonable solutions, both of which should fit inside of my current gear. Thanks, y'all!



That's great to hear! We're big fans of a lot of Booq's stuff and the Cobra's quilted inner sleeve has been an absolute Godsend for us. Hard to imagine going back to another bag now!



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