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Do you need one or two licenses when sharing Busycal beyween two macs?



I have been trying out this app for the past couple of weeks and it does what they say it does, including the lack of grouping calendars (iCal folders). There are a couple of GUI image items that I think look sharper in iCal, but BusyCal is easier to edit than iCal.

Another drawback is the inability to drag appointments around freely across various days. In iCal, you can simply drag an event on Monday and drop it on a different time slot on Friday. With BusyCal you have to cut/copy the event and then paste it on the selected day before you can slide it up and down to the new time slot.

The developer has been very responsive and stated that calendar grouping is only a few weeks away.  I forgot to mention that it comes with several iCal database tools to clean up the data in sync services. Since I sync with a Treo, I didn't realize I had all sorts of duplicate events in my iCal files (except when they occasionally showed up on MobileMe), but BusyCal cleaned them up just fine! I have since gone back and double checked what was showing up in iCal vs BusyCal vs MobileMe to see if I lost anything...nothing yet, but iCal has not been telling me the whole truth either. In all, this app is a keeper and actually works well along side iCal too.



ricramos, not sure what you're talking about or what's wrong with your Mac. BusyCal ABSOLUTELY 100% lets you freely drag appointments around various days. What kind of a calendar program would it be if it didn't allow you to do that very basic feature that has been in every calendar program dating back to the original calendar programs of the 1980's?



in iCal, you can make a group of calendars. For example, I'm a college student, so I have all the classes for a given semester in one folder.

There's one really good reason I enjoy having a folder for the calendars: In Weekly mode, I have all my classes laid out for the week. These events are set to repeat each week on the given days they occur. That means, on the Monthly view, I have a rainbow of colors, which make things very difficult to make sense of. The folder itself has its own checkbox, so you can turn on/off all the calendars for one folder with one click, making my monthly view much more readable.

I think for me, the lack of folder support is a deciding factor on buying this app. I'd definitely watch for updates though, it looks real nice.



Hi,In the negatives section -below the positives section at the bottom of the review- it states 'No support for iCal folders' as being a negative. What do they mean when they say iCal folders? Brandon

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