Canon Powershot SX100 IS



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My experience with Canon warranty repair has been inexcusable.
In the first year of owning a Powershot S60 the screen on the LCD became unreadable. I sent it in to canon for warranty repair on 1-26-06. It was returned to me on 2-17-06 in worse condition than when I sent it in. I sent it back again within a couple of days. It was finally returned in working condition on 3-14-06!!!!! That is a total of 7 weeks to have the camera repaired plus the cost of sending it in twice insured at a cost of approx. $25.00.
During that period of time I bought another Canon, the A620. I am disabled and photography is one of the few activities I can enjoy and at the time we were living in Hawaii and had no idea how much longer I would have to wait for the S60 to return, and if it would work when it returned either. So I bought the A620 is that it was the first camera I had seen with an articulating LCD which, for a guy with a broken back is a wonderful thing that allowed me to get pictures that allowed me to get pictures that I had been unable to get with any other camera. It was a nice digital point and shoot with a macro feature but I lost the raw capability of the S60.
In August of ’07 I bought a Canon, bad things happen with any company, S5IS. It too had the articulating LCD but it also had a 48X combined digital/optical zoom, image stabilization, face recognition and high definition movie function with the capability or 1 hour movies which for under $400.00 was worth it to me now that we had moved to Arkansas and the variety of birds was unbelievable and the A620 did not have a zoom capable of taking pictures of them.
Sorry but the saga continues! The S5IS zoom failed to work correctly and I sent it in to Canon for warranty repair on 7-13-08. The repairs were completed 7-23-08 and I received it a couple of days later in the exact same condition. I have sent it back for repairs and have no idea when or if it will ever be repaired.
SO beware, if your thinking about buying a camera, remember that, at Canon the person that inspects the repairs (if there is one) does not check to see if the camera has indeed been repaired. Two out of two of my Canon cameras were not fixed on the first time it was sent in for warranty repair.

Very disappointed, and not alone



The lack of an optical viewfinder is a deal breaker for those of us with older eyes who use glasses (especially bifocals). I just can't focus well on a screen held away from the eyes. Holding that large and heavy an object at arm's length is fatiguing, making fine picture composition (aiming and framing) difficult. Also, the sun shining on the LCD makes the image and the colors difficult to see. In the dark, lit LCDs change your eye's dark adaptation and your perception of the scene. I have loved Canon cameras for many years, but this one won't be.

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