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Hmm... that was an exceptionally harsh review. Everything you criticized about the game is exactly why it is so awesome. It brings back such awesome OS 9 memories! It isn't about being innovative in this decade, but instead it's all about retro-awesomeness! I'm loving that all these classic games are out like Marathon and 7th Guest. I'm looking forward to Carmageddon 2 which is what I played on the Mac. Also want Gabriel Knight and all the Myst games.

Running over cows never gets old!



I believe a company is making a new version/translating the old game into something that will run on PCs and Macs.


Mr. Happypants

It's the exact same dev team that brought us the original doing it! They had a Kickstarter and it went absolutely nuts, I forget the planned release date, but they raised well over $500,000. Can't wait to see what they produce for the modern hardware, I'll be buying it Day 1 for sure.


Mr. Happypants

I grabbed this when it was Free last week & it's EXACTLY like I remember the original! Of course it's dated, it's an almost direct port from the first release and that makes it a riot. I even have the CD for the first one, but sadly it won't install on any newer version of OS X.

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