CarMD 2100 Handheld Tester



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Automotive Diagnostic Tools & Equipment
Automotive Diagnostic Tools carries the scanners, code readers, engine scopes, timing lights

and other diagnostic equipment you need to repair today's vehicles.



There are any number of devices that are better than this for checking on-board diagnostic data. I assume no one there is a car guy. You can buy a basic OBD-II tester from Amazon for less than $50 that does more than this, and will clear codes (and come with a CD with most code info for most makes and models. For another $50 you can get a ScanGaugeII that not only reads codes, but can act as a digital dashboard offering up more realtime readings that are picked up by existing engine sensors. There are also a number of iPhone apps that can pull data out of the OBD port and clear codes (using either a cable or a BT dongle plugged into your OBD port. This devide you review is over-priced and under-featured; kind of like the Zune of OBD readers.
I love the magazine and visit here everyday, this review was a miss, though.

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