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I went to the developers web site and they had some really cool tips for the game.

By the way, if you misspell a word, just tap on the letter you do not want and it shoots back up into the chicken. Pretty funny stuff!

1. Feeling scrambled? Shuffle the chickens by giving your iPhone or iPod Touch a firm shake to get a new perspective.

2. Get a hold of that hen house! You can click and drag the chickens to arrange them in an order that may help you find words before you start typing them out.

3. Didn't peck out the right word? Remove all eggs from the letter tray by clicking ENTER. It's a quick way to start over and you won't be penalized. Want to get rid of only one bad egg? Then tap on individual eggs to send them back to the chickens.

4. Need to take a barnyard break? Just shut down the game - your score and game progress will be saved. Just hit RESUME when prompted.

5. There's more than one way to cook your eggs: if you have a letter S, look for plural versions of the words you've already found. You can grab the egg crate above the chickens and slide it back and forth to see your word stash!

6. The Chicktionary farm is recycle-friendly: if you choose to start a new game instead of resuming a saved game, your unfinished game will be wiped clean to be played at a later date.

7. Can't hatch a word? Use the FREEBIRD option. This will fill in the first available slot in the world list above the chickens. But not the final 7-letter word.

8. Not an Egg Head? Use the green word indicator to help you find a smaller word while spelling a larger word. It lights up when the game detects a word you can submit.

9. Even after filling all the required words in the egg crates above the chickens, you can keep adding words to earn points (you just won't see the new words in the crates).

10. BEAK SNEAK will give you one letter in all the remaining words in the egg crates above the chickens. Don't like the BEAK SNEAK suggestion? You can override it with your own word.

11. The Chicktionary farm is 100% natural: no proper nouns, acronyms, or abbreviations in this game. And yes - all the words in Chicktionary are real. Look 'em up!

12. There are a lot of fun things in the game for you to explore. Those names on the scoreboard are the people who work at Blockdot. Can you knock them off the board? Play the game at different times of the day for a change of scenery. We made some EGGCHIEVEMENTS over-easy and some hard-boiled! Dig into them for more layers of game play.

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