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1. No sync future
2. No notification center
3. no social network integration
4. No time or other settings.
5. Hard to navigate and get things done
6. Creative interface.
8. Bad icon
9. Poor customer service
10. pron to crashes

Botom line: nice idea poorly implemented!
1/10! ---------+



Totally agree ---

To keep consistent with the rating thing, I'd also give it 1 star out of 10.

I do not understand how the media are raving about this. Real users are hating it.



I tried it -- and hated it...

1) It doesn't sync to anything -- what good is a to-do list that doesn't carry over to my iPad and to my Desktop? I live on todo lists....This doesn't cut the mustard

2) If you try to collapse from the top, you open Notification Center. Have found no way to work around that. If you try it on the left, it BING! opens a new note. If you try it on the right, it BING! opens a new note.
Blech. Touch on the screen anywhere you open a new note. BING!....

3) No way (that I can see) to turn off the sound, Loud BING!, banging BING!, clanging BING!, sound.

So far, to get a classy to-do-list or a list-making program that works the way it should work, you need to go third party. What a wide open field for someone to do something decent with. My preference? ToodleDo on my Mac, and To Do on my iPad and iPhone. It works. Plus it puts a badge on your screen icon to tell you how much stuff isn't done yet that day.

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