Clique Keyboard and Trackpad Dock Review



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I agree with driverajr. When are companies going to start focusing on actually innovating instead of ripping off ideas and mass producing cheap imitations overseas? This is just another chinese knockoff, less functional and less stylish that either the magic wand or the bluefin which came out last year. But hey, the price is like the build quality - cheap. I know, I bought one at MacWorld thinking it would be cool to use with my mac mini, and it's complete junk. The trackpad gets stuck and you can't use the click. There's a lesson to be learned here for the company that makes this product - before you name your product after its main feature, take the time to make sure the feature actually works first, ok. :)



More of the same stuff we already : ( They're running out of ideas...then they don't want to hear me talk about my ground breaking idea: VIVID COMPRESSION...everyone is looking for the next break but apparently my skin has too much color to it.



I'd like one that allows to also have the numeric key pad connected. So the keyboard would be in the middle, the track pad on one side and the numeric pad on the other side. It would be even nicer if the user could choose which pad goes on which side of the keyboard.

ahhh...dreams... Or maybe a Kickstarter?

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