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Can this app sync iCloud contacts with Google Contacts?

I use a both an iPhone and an Android phone and I've been looking for an app or way that syncs contacts both ways.

I know I could just switch to Google everything but I really love the Apple/iCloud ecosystem and I only have that one Android device. I don't even have an address, just the Google Account. I want to be able to just borrow someone's computer to access and email somebody using the contacts from there, switching to Google Contacts altogether would make me lose that.

Windows Live and Yahoo! also sync with both iOS and Android but I can't find a way to keep them in sync with iCloud. Please don't tell me to switch to Gmail or whatever, I did have a Gmail address in the same account that is very old--when the service was in beta--but I closed it down because I received a lot of junk mail even though I never gave it away.

Thanks a million if you reply.

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