Cygnett Purple Vector for iPhone 5 Review

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Cygnett Purple Vector for iPhone 5 Review

Until Apple starts cranking out iPhones in colors other than black and white, cases are the best way to add a splash of color, and low-cost cases like Cygnett's $19 Vector (which comes in purple or black) let you change up the color as often as you change your shoes.

This case is pretty basic, a flexible one-piece design that still has some rigidity. The raised edges keep your screen from contacting the table when placed face-down, and the 3D design adds a little extra grip. But this case has a couple drawbacks, too: It covers the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons with its own plasticky material, making those buttons harder to push. And the Lightning hole fits Apple's Lightning cables just fine, but not our Monoprice Lightning cable or Apple Lightning to 30 Pin Adapter.

The bottom line. The part-matte/part-glossy, 3D design looks good, as does the purple color. 


iPhone 5


One piece. Flexible. 3D design looks cool and adds grip.


Lightning port opening isn't big enough for Apple's Lightning to 30 Pin adapter, although Apple's cables do fit.



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