Cygnett Red Vector for iPad Mini Review

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Cygnett Red Vector for iPad Mini Review

Finding an iPhone case for under $20 is a bit easier than finding a sub-$20 case for an iPad. Cygnett's Red Vector deftly limbos that bar with its price of $19.99 for a glossy red case that protects the corners, sides, and back of your iPad mini from bumps and scrapes.

It also comes in black, but the cherry red color looks great with both the black and white iPad mini models. The etched design in the back of the case provides some extra grip, and if you absentmindedly run your fingernails over it while you're reading a particularly engrossing article, you might be inspired to crank up some bluegrass music and scratch along on the case like it was a rich-man's washboard.
The bottom line. Looks great, works great, low price. It's a winner.


iPad mini


Simple case. Glossy color. Design adds texture.


More colors would be cool. The small opening for the Lightning port doesn't accommodate Apple's Lightning-to-30-pin adapter.



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