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Hey all,

I just wanted to share with you guys our competitive day of defeat: source community. You have missed out all this time, but it's not too late to have some fun playing dod:s in league play. you can find our community at

good luck have fun all,



I still like this game very much, i am addictive to to its graphics.

- Tanya
Web Design Firm



I just wish that Steam got a little more Mac friendly.

How about a listing of Mac compatible Demos. I shouldn't have to go through the full list to find the few that are supported on OS X.

One thing that I would also like is to be able to know if a gamepad is supported by the game. Gamepad works with L4D and L4D2... but I only found that out because I already had it on the PC and downloaded it and tried it out on my Mac.



Sorry, dual post



While this is not true of all games, most Mac Games are worn out has been games long moved into the $10 PC game rack. This insults most gamers (for the record, I've been a game since my Atari 400) and Apple as a company has never embraced gaming. This is nice but is not anything like any of the latest games on the Xbox or similar platforms. Ever wonder why Apple doesn't get the point.

My iPad games are weak & often lack much depth not unlike early games in the 1980's. One would hope that this trend will change but with the current Apple mindset I doubt it.

Obvious Apple issues remain with the following:
1. Little to no interest from Apple in Gaming
2. Less than no Interest from Apple as the Mac as a CAD platform wit mainstream 3D CAD software in engineering
3. Ditto in business software

These remain major weaknesses in the Apple business model.



Anyone can boot Windows on their Macs and play 95% of PC games, but you shouldn't have to. Luckily, Steam is consistently churning out high quality games for Mac that don't get second rate prices or release dates.  All Mac gamers should be rocking that. Last I heard Mac was about 13% of the Steam community too.

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