Deer Hunter 2014 Review



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Danny Caroll

Hi, I have found a hack for Deer Hunter 2014 that gave me unlimited cash and gold :).
Now the game is even better! :D Here it is


Christy Jackson

The developers of this game are unbelievably greedy. The only way to progress through this game is to spend ridiculous amounts of money. There is not even any reward for playing through levels and spending money. Each level you reach will cost you greater and greater amounts of money to progress. Deals are advertised as 50% off, but when a weapon costs thirty dollars and is advertised for $21 at 50% off, clearly it is falsely and deceitfully advertised. The game would be great if it was reasonably priced, but it is completely ruined by the unbelievable greed of its developers. I recommend steering clear completely. Find another game better administered and more reasonably priced.

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