Dew Motion Quiver



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My wife gave me a quiver as a gift this season knowing how much I hate to carry things around (and after I dropped my iPhone off a chairlift and lost it!). I have used this season it on the ski slopes at high intensity and love it! My earbuds no longer fall out after the first turn. Its great. I also use it on the street as it leaves my hands free and I answer the phone with a one button touch on my chest. I certainly dont feel "dorky" with it and have had numerous people ask me about it.




I bought one of these when Smalldog first started carrying them back in January, and I love it. I don't care if anyone thinks I look dorky, either. It works perfectly with my iPhone, and it's just so nice to use after carrying my iPhone in my pocket while walking. It's also nice to not have the earbud wires dangling in front of me from my ears to my pocket since now they run through a hole in the Quiver that makes the wires come up from behind.

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