Dillocase for iPhone 5 Review

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Dillocase for iPhone 5 Review

The Dillocase website describes the company's products as "no-frills, minimalistic iPhone cases," and we can't imagine a more apt description. The Dillocase is a standard two-piece hardshell design. Slide the top half over your phone, and the smaller bottom piece slides into place. The inside is lined in soft material to protect your phone from scratches.

There aren't many bells and whistles here -- none, really -- but for some people, that's exactly the point. Dillocase comes in neon-ish yellow, pink, red, and basic black. The removable bottom plate is intended to allow you to fit your Dillocase'd phone into speaker docks and other accessories without removing the entire thing.

The bottom line.
It's simple and effective. There's no bling here, but at half the price of most other iPhone cases, Dillocase is a great buy.

Becker Products

iPhone 5


Great price. Raised edge helps protect the front of your phone. Available in four colors.


Limited color choices. May be too simple for some.



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